To download the latest version of your race programme just click on the 'click here' . 

Please note as the programme has grown in size either down load the complete programme as one file or download the disk files.  Save the files to your hard drive. The disk files , once saved to your hard drive , will, when clicked within Windows ask to automatically load onto a floppy disk for ease of transferring to a DOS machine.  The floppy disks MUST be loaded in correct order - any hassles just email me - NOTE LITE PROGRAMME UPDATES CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

2 LANE PROGRAMME (with power control)

Startline Race System for two lanes  - Click Here - updated Jan 2008

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Updates to programmes

Jan 2008

A major update to the help file which is now more comprehensive and is now 'searchable'. 

Rationalisation of file locations across all versions of the programmes now run out of a directory on C drive called C:\SRS_DOS. This move has been made to ensure all programmeS are consistent