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Please note down load the complete programme as one file .  Save the file to your hard drive. Once saved to your hard drive , the file is small enough to be loaded onto a floppy disk for ease of transferring to a DOS machine. 


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6 LANE PROGRAMME (with power control)

Startline Race System for six lanes  - Click Here - updated Oct 2008


Updates to programmes

October 2008

When exiting the programme you are now given two choices. You can either ARCHIVE race results (recommended) or just EXIT. This addition
has been added to reduce the RACE.TXT file size which if left too long can slow the PCs ability to read and write results plus may
also cause misscounts. The archived RACE file is given a long name RACE(day_month_year_hour_minutes).TXT. This long name
format will not display correctly under DOS but all records can be copied to a Windows machine as in the past.
Also whilst not a bug, when deleting records, previous versions may kick you out if no records are found
(this happens when you press the DELETE button twice). This no longer will be the case.

22nd June 2008

The programme has now undergone it's most substantial update in a long time.

As the programme grew in complexity so did it's size. I had always wanted to the size down to fit on one 1.44meg floppy disk for ease of installing one older machines and of course using DOS. Unfortunately it had blown out to nearly 3meg .I have now gone through the programme and have reduced its size back down to just over 1 meg without removing any of its capabilities.

Updates also include:

  1. Updated to remove any possibility of gaining a lap at the start.
  2. Clearer instructions at the end of the timed races
  3. Ability to copy race results to A, B, C, D, E or even F drive
  4. Can be installed in any drive and any directory so long as all files are in the ONE directory (default is still C:\SRS_DOS)
  5. Practice has had its bugs removed (sorry about the confusion in releases)
  6. Qualifying has been expanded to 30 drivers
  7. Help file has again been expanded with search capabilities

As its such a major update I would strongly recommend doing a clean install. As such I have provided a small
REMOVE.BAT file which will uninstall your current version (see above)

I suggest you may want to copy the file RACE.TXT to disk if you want to keep it)

Jan 2008

A major update to the help file which is now more comprehensive and is now 'searchable'. 

Rationalisation of file locations across all versions of the programmes now run out of a directory on C drive called C:\SRS_DOS. This move has been made to ensure all programme are consistent

Four lane programme can now be run as a three or two lane programme. When using the two lane version only the middle two lanes are used.


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