Based in outer Melbourne Township of Somerville we have been involved in slot car racing for some 40 plus years.

Startline Race System (SRS) has very humble beginnings. Originally a simple piece of software to run a 1/32nd scale drag strip at home. Nothing fancy, it just had to tell who won and what speed was achieved. It also had to run on a 285 PC platform or lower. There are plenty of these types of PCs sitting in the back of sheds and garages, unloved and unused. I was asked if I could convert it to count laps on a two lane track and would it run on a very ancient 18 y.o PC. 
Afterwards I looked at the programme I was running on my track and got to thinking. Could I make the racing more life like by writing my own programme? First I had to expand the programme to run four lanes. I still wanted simplicity of use plus it had to still run on older type PCs. Many months later I had reached a point in the software development where I could confidently host a race meeting using my own software. The meeting was a success. All went well but I did jot down some improvements I wanted to make. As with most things what started out as a simple little programme has over time grown to its now, quite complex yet easy to operate current state.

We moved into making bodies really by accident.  A Falcon Ute was scratch built and when raced others wanted copies.  Naturally a Holden was also requested.  From then on the range has just mushroomed.

A Computer graphics /graphic artists by trade we are moving away from the corporate world to concentrate on our slot car business which is something really pushed forward by an ill health last year

Our goal for Startline Race Systems is to look for unusual non main stream yet desired models for the plastic and vac formed bodies .  We also hope soon to start stocking a a range of spares for the  scratch builders and  RTR racers alike.


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