Our Race Track

Woodlands track has been replaced.  The track is craftwood based with braid ( non magnetic ) power rails.  As with the previous design the track can be set up in two versions. A small permanent track plus an extension can be added.

The new track differs from the old one in that it is now only for 3 lanes plus it is a lot more hilly.

The club track is a short 14 metre up and down track.  The rise up the back straight sometimes allows for cars to lift slightly if fast enough.  Track power is via a 8 to 16 volt 30 amp adjustable regulated power supply. Normally the track power is set to between 10 and 12 volts but each lane can be individually adjusted to suit a drivers/cars requirements.

Because of it's design the track is better suited to lower powered lighter cars that can turn and accelerate fast rather than out and out speedsters or heavy weight cars.


The driver stations allow each driver to customise the settings to best suit their requirements.

Each driver can adjust the track voltage and braking or even switch the braking off. An LED indicates a brakes on/off status.

Each station also has a track call button which pauses the race.

There is also a  power button which gives a 7 second supply of track power should the main track power be off. 

When using the longer track a speed trap is available for recording the actual speed of cars.

The gantry lights are 10mm white LEDs which give a very good focussed beam.


All the driver station controls can be overriding at the master control centre.  LED's indicate the status of track power, brakes.  The control centre can also be used to start and stop races without having to go near the PC keyboard.