The programme has now undergone it's most substantial update in a long time.
As the programme grew in complexity so did it's size. I had always wanted to the size down to fit on one 1.44meg floppy disk for ease of installing one older machines and of course using DOS. Unfortunately it had blown out to nearly 3meg .  Not big by todays standards but big enough for DOS. I have now gone through the programme and have reduced its size back down to just over 1 meg without removing any of its capabilities.

Updates include:

  1. File sizes have all been reduce to help loading using one floppy diskette

  2. Race results to be copied to any one of 5 drives rather than just A:|drive.

  3. Qualifying can now handle 40 drivers ( doubled up from 20).

  4. Hire versions now ask for you to add your name which then gets displayed during track hire.

  5. You can now correct scores in Timed races in case a driver misses a lap etc.

  6. The programme can now be loaded to any drive in any directory so long as all the files are in that one directory

  7. A correction has been made to the race start which stops anybody from gaining an advantage from sitting and waiting half a lap ( do that now and you will be one lap down :^)

  8. If you have a four lane track you can now flick between 2,3, and 4 lanes just by pressing a button, or between 3 and 2 lanes if your track is a three laner

  9. We have also added an on-line help/manual click here

  10. The Help file is much more comprehensive and is now searchable

Just email to gain access to the updates

We have also built and installed the slotcar track at the Phillip Island  Grand Prix track.  This is perhaps the largest of its type in the southern hemisphere  and is open to the public Click Here

We have also been busy building a new track which will include lots of electronics for no other reason than we wanted to - for details click here

We shall also be updating the software/hardware page in the next few weeks as development has also been taking place on or rather in the control units, as well as successfully testing new track sensors which are rated to be twice as quick as the current ones.

June 2008